Registered Office

What is a Registered Office

A Registered Office is the official address of a company, association or any other legal entity - generally it will form part of the legal record. A Registered Office address is a  requirement for businesses that have a physical presence in the UK, or habitually conduct business there, even without a physical presence.

Why Use Centrum as your Registered Office

In the UK , the registered office does not have to be where the organization conducts its business. From 1st October 2009, company directors may now use the registered office address instead of their home address for contact on the Companies House register.

A Registered Office does however have to be the address where you receive official correspondence

For this reason many businesses that have home offices choose a separate Registered Office address. This address can also be displayed on a company letterhead.

Scope of Service

This service provides a Registered  Office address for official use only to comply with UK law

Centrum will only forward official government mail (Companies House, HMRC etc)and mail expressly served on the Registered Office of the company

If you require a business or trading address for general business mail handling, we offer a Business Address service at a monthly cost of £20 + vat.

Please note that our Business Address and Complete Virtual Office packages include the Registered Office service as an integral feature

The Cost

The annual fee is £75 + vat